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London Skies

When I first moved to London from Mexico City, I was fascinated with how busy the city is. Everyone is always rushing to get somewhere, streets are full of life, people, cars and double-deck buses. If you descent to the underground subway rails, the story is basically the same. Trains passing by every two minutes and millions of people getting on and off of them. 

Sometimes this amount of people and hectic movements were too much for me. Whenever I felt overwhelm I used to look up top the sky in order to find more space and a little more tranquility. It used to help me until I realised that London’s sky is one of the busiest of the world. 

Basically everywhere you look, when in London (streets, underground, skies) is full of movement. Those movements create figures and in those figures I have learned to find beauty and patterns that are only possible in a city as chaotic this one. 

My photographies reflect some of those unpredictable patterns formed by plane tracks mixed together with London's architectural spaces. 

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